CeneBotBattle 2023

The Ultimate Programming Competition for Students at Ghent University

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1. Create a Bot

Come up with an algorithm and write a small Python program that plays the game Pyro Party. Don't worry, we've made it easy for you to get started.

2. Let the Bots Play

Your bot will continuously be matched against the bots of other participants for 7 weeks. Watch it battle and improve upon your implementation.

3. Win Fabulous Prizes

The participants with the best bots will receive awesome prizes on the closing ceremony. Go for the top 3 in the ranking or focus on one of 5 special prize categories.

About the CeneBotBattle

The CeneBotBattle is a monthlong online programming competition where participants write a small Python program to play a multiplayer arcade game against the programs of other participants. These AIs or so-called bots can view the game area and must efficiently implement a strategy to move the character around and outwin their opponents.

Bots are continuously matched against eachother and get points for winning a game. An ELO rating system is implemented to establish a ranking of the participants' submissions. Games are played during the period of seven weeks and are livestreamed to popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch for students to watch.

During this month, participants are allowed to improve their implementation and can submit new versions of their bot. They get access to recordings of passed games and can thus learn about the performance of their designed algorithms and improve upon them.

This activity is targetted specifically at Computer Science Engineering students, Electrical Engineering student and Applied Informatics students, although it is open for all students and researchers of Ghent University. That said, only students are eligible for prizes.

At the end of the competition, there will be a closing ceremony where the winners will receive their prizes. All participants will be invited to meet eachother and get free food and cheap drinks while having some more fun with small games related to the main event.

The CeneBotBattle is a completely new event organised by CenEka, the official student association for Computer Science Engineering and Electrical Engineering students at Ghent University.

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